BT09/002   蒼嵐覇竜 グローリー・メイルストローム
Blue Storm Emperor Dragon, Glory Maelstrom

Clan: Aqua Force   Race: Tear Dragon
【永】【(V)】:あなたのソウルに「蒼嵐竜 メイルストローム」があるなら、このユニットのパワー+2000。
[A] [(V)] [LB:(5)]: [Counterblast: (1)] When this attacks a Vanguard, you may pay cost. If so, this gains +5000 Power for the battle, and your Opponent may not Call Grade 1 or higher unit from hand to (G) this battle.
[C] [(V)]: If "Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom" is in your Soul, this gains +2000 Power.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Leader (If you have a unit on the field that doesn't share a clan with this, this cannot attack)