BT15/S01   撃退者 デスパレート・ドラゴン
Revenger, Desperate Dragon

Clan: Shadow Paladin   Race: Abyss Dragon
[A] [(V)] [LB:(4)]: [Counterblast: (1) - card with "Revenger" in name] When this attacks a Vanguard, if you have more Rearguards than your Opponent, you may pay cost. IF so, this gains +5000 Power and +1 Critical for the battle.
[A] [(V)]: [Retire 1 of your ::Shadow Paladin:: Rearguards] At the start of your Main Phase, you may pay cost. I fso, your Opponent chooses and Retires 1 of his or her own Rearguards.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Lord