FC02/S02   満月の女神 ツクヨミ
Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi

Clan: Oracle Thinktank   Race: Noble
【永】【(V)/(R)】:あなたのソウルに、「半月の女神 ツクヨミ」と「三日月の女神 ツクヨミ」と「神鷹 一拍子」がないなら、このユニットのパワー-2000。
[C] [(V)/(R)]: If you don't have "Crescent Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi" and "New Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi" and "Divine Hawk, Ichipyoushi" your Soul, this gets -2000 Power.
[S] [(V)]: [Counterblast: (2)] If there are 6 or more ::Oracle Thinktank:: in your Soul, draw 2 cards, and choose a card in your hand and put it in Soul.