G-BT02/S07   名物博士 ビッグベリー
Specialty Doctor, Big Berry

Clan: Great Nature   Race: Warbeast
[A] [(V)] [G Break: (2)]: When this attacks a Vanguard, choose 1 of your Rearguards, and that unit gains +4000 Power for the turn, and at the end of the turn, draw a card, and Retire that unit.
[A] [(V)]: [Counterblast: (1)] During your turn, when your G Unit Strides, you may pay cost. If so, choose up to 2 of your Rearguards, and for the turn, those units gain +4000 Power and "[A] [(R)]: When the unit in the same column as this hits a Vanguard with an attack, if the Power of the attacking unit is 20000 or higher, draw a card".