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Card Translations

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Genesis Dragon, Judgment Messiah

創世竜 ジャッジメント・メサイア
ソウセイリュウ ジャッジメント・メサイア
Card No.:G-TD05/001Rarity:TD
Grade:4Clan:Link Joker
Star Gate
Skill:Triple Drive!!!Type:G-Unit
Original Card Text
Original Flavor Text
English Card Text
(G Unit cannot be put in the main deck)
Stride - Stride Step - [Discard cards from your hand with the sum of their Grades be 3 or greater] Stride in (V) with this face-down card.
[A] [(V)]: When this hits a Vanguard with an attack, choose 1 of your Opponent's Rearguards in the Back Row and Lock it, and choose up to 1 Locked card and Unlock it. 
English Flavor Text
It is the judgment of the world. 
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G: Fateful Star Messiah Trial Deck
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G: Fateful Star Messiah Trial Deck Translation >
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Card #Name (click for details)GradeClan
G-TD05/001Genesis Dragon, Judgment Messiah
創世竜 ジャッジメント・メサイア
4Link Joker
G-TD05/002Alter Ego Messiah
3Link Joker
G-TD05/003Astrobreak Dragon
3Link Joker
G-TD05/004Wing of Effect, Wing Matter
事象の翼 ウイングマター
3Link Joker
G-TD05/005Arosal Messiah
2Link Joker
G-TD05/006Blade of Sunset, Duskblade
落日の刀身 ダスクブレード
2Link Joker
G-TD05/007Whirling Dervish, Dark Chakram
輪転華 ダークチャクラム
2Link Joker
G-TD05/008Light Speed Cheetah
2Link Joker
G-TD05/009Asleep Messiah
1Link Joker
G-TD05/010Keybreaker, Riddle Biter
鍵を砕く者 リドルバイター
1Link Joker
G-TD05/011Lady Keeper of the Virtual Reality
1Link Joker
G-TD05/012Grab Hand Gorilla
1Link Joker
G-TD05/013Proto Sun Dracokid
1Link Joker
G-TD05/014Neon Messiah
0Link Joker
G-TD05/015Shocking Pulse Monk
0Link Joker
G-TD05/016Osprey Birdie
0Link Joker
G-TD05/017Hollow Gazer of the Imaginary Field
0Link Joker
G-TD05/018Lady Healer of the Sewn-up World
0Link Joker
G-TD05/019Child of the Superstring Theory
0Link Joker

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