HBT01/044   太古の仙術
Ancient Spell

Trait 1: - (None)   Trait 2: - (None)
Trait 3: - (None)
World: Disfia
[S]:【この能力は手札でのみ有効】[手札のこのカードを捨てる] あなたの赤のメンバーを1体選び、そのターン中、パワー+5000。さらに、そのメンバーのソウルが1枚以上あるなら、パワー+2000。
[S] [This ability is only active in hand] [Discard this card from hand] Choose 1 of your red members, and that member gains +5000 power for the turn. Then, if that member has 1 or more Soul, that member gains +2000 power.