HBT01/099   悲恋の哀愁
Tragic Melancholy

Trait 1: - (None)   Trait 2: - (None)
Trait 3: - (None)
World: Tetra-Heaven
[C]: あなたのすべての青のメンバーに+[Aura]。

[A]:[「葵」を1体Restする] この逆理がバトル領域に置かれた時、あなたのバトル中のメンバーが「葵」なら、コストを払ってよい。そうしたら、あなたの手札を2枚までバトル領域に表向きに置き、そのバトル中、あなたのバトル中のメンバーにリミット+X。Xはこの効果でバトル領域に置いたカードの枚数。
[C] All your blue members gain +1 aura.
[A] [Rest an "Aoi"] When this paradox is placed to the Battle Zone, if your member in battle is "Aoi", you may pay cost. If so, choose up to 2 cards in your hand and put them face-up to the Battle Zone, and your member in battle gains +X limit for the battle. X is the number of cards put in the Battle Zone via this effect.