HEB02/010CP   扇情の藤紫
Sensational Violet

Trait 1: - (None)   Trait 2: - (None)
Trait 3: - (None)
World: Monolium/Septpia
[C]: あなたのすべてのメンバーに+[Aura]。

[A]: この逆理がバトル領域に置かれた時、属性を1つ宣言し、あなたの宣言した属性のメンバーを3体選ぶ。さらに、この効果で3体選び、その選んだメンバーの名称がすべて異なるなら、カードを1枚引く。
[C] All your members gain +1 aura.
[A] When this Paradox is placed to the Battle Zone, declare a trait, and choose 3 of your members with the declared trait. Then, if you chose 3 members with this effect and all of the chosen members have different member names, draw a card.