SP-B01/111   咄嗟の機転 葵
Quick Turning Aoi

Trait 1: 流麗 (Flow)   Trait 2: 兎獣 (Rabbit Beast)
Trait 3: - (None)
World: Monolium
[A]: このメンバーが相手の後列の門を破壊した時、あなたの青のメンバーが3体以上いるなら、カードを2枚引き、あなたの手札を2枚山札の上に好きな順番で置く。

[LD]:[②] カードを1枚引く。
[A] When this member destroys a gate in your opponent's back row, if you have 3 or more blue members, draw 2 cards, and put 2 cards from your hand on top of your Deck in any order.
[LD] [(2)] Draw a card.