CCS/W66-071   Maison de Tomoyo
Maison de Tomoyo

Traits: None
【CXコンボ】 以下の効果のうちあなたが選んだ1つを行う。
CX COMBO Perform 1 of the following actions.
"Choose a Character from your hand with 'Sakura' in name, place it to any Slot on the Stage, and until the next end of your Opponent's turn, it gains +3500 Power and ::Costume::."
"Return up to 1 'Transparent Feelings' from your Waiting Room to your hand. Reveal the top card of your Library. If it is a Character with 'Sakura' in name, choose up to 2 Characters, and for the turn those Characters gain +4000 Power and ::Costume::. (Put the revealed card back)