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Card Translations

Cavalry of Black Steel Extra Pack
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Card #Name (click for details)GradeClan
EB03/001Demon King, Dudley Emperor
魔王 ダッドリー・エンペラー
3Spike Brothers
EB03/002Spectral Duke Dragon
3Gold Paladin
EB03/003Reckless Express
1Spike Brothers
EB03/004Battle God Mutant, Master Beetle
武神怪人 マスタービートル
EB03/005Knight of White Dragon, Pendragon
白竜の騎士 ペンドラゴン
3Royal Paladin
EB03/006Magus of the Beginning, Ildonna
始原の魔道士 イルドーナ
3Shadow Paladin
EB03/007Dragonic Lawkeeper
EB03/008Jelly Beans
3Spike Brothers
EB03/009Dudley Daisy
1Spike Brothers
EB03/010Bewitching Leader, Lady Butterfly
妖艶なる幹部 レディ・バタフライ
EB03/011Toxic Trooper
EB03/012Toxic Soldier
EB03/013Gigantic Destroyer
3Gold Paladin
EB03/014Knight of Black Dragon, Voltimer
黒竜の騎士 ヴォーティマー
2Gold Paladin
EB03/015Young Black Dragon, Voltimer
幼き黒竜 ヴォーティマー
0Gold Paladin
EB03/016Dudley Douglas
2Spike Brothers
EB03/017Valiant General, Zakari
猛将 ザカリー
2Spike Brothers
EB03/018Field Driller
2Spike Brothers
EB03/019Medical Manager
1Spike Brothers
EB03/020Intelligent General, Dark Bringer
智将 ダーク・ブリンガー
0Spike Brothers
EB03/021Kung-Fu Kicker
0Spike Brothers
EB03/022Iron First Mutant, Rolly Polly
鉄拳怪人 ロリーポリー
EB03/023Modified Thief, Steel Spider
改造盗賊 スティール・スパイダー
EB03/024Machining Mosquito
EB03/025Pest Doctor, Mad Fly
害虫博士 マッドフライ
EB03/026Megacolony Combatant C
EB03/027Awaking Dragonfly
EB03/028Flash Edge Valkyrie
2Gold Paladin
EB03/029Herald of Darkness, Voltimer
漆黒の先駆け ヴォーティマー
1Gold Paladin
EB03/030Blade Feather Valkyrie
1Gold Paladin
EB03/031Warhorse, Raging Storm
戦馬 レイジングストーム
1Gold Paladin
EB03/032Falcon Knight of the Azure Sky
0Gold Paladin
EB03/033Knight of Determination, Ramorok
決意の騎士 ラモラック
2Royal Paladin
EB03/034Knight of Battle Aura, Dordona
闘気の騎士 ドルドナ
2Shadow Paladin
EB03/035Cross Shot, Gaav
十字撃ち ガープ
EB03/S01Demon King, Dudley Emperor
魔王 ダッドリー・エンペラー
3Spike Brothers
EB03/S02Spectral Duke Dragon
3Gold Paladin
EB03/S03Battle God Mutant, Master Beetle
武神怪人 マスタービートル
EB03/S04Knight of White Dragon, Pendragon
白竜の騎士 ペンドラゴン
3Royal Paladin
EB03/S05Magus of the Beginning, Ildonna
始原の魔道士 イルドーナ
3Shadow Paladin
EB03/S06Dragonic Lorekeeper

Trial Decks
- Blaster Blade
- Brawler of Friendship
- Descendants of the Sea Emperor
- Dimensional Brave Kaiser
- Divine Judgment of the Bluish Flames
- Dragonic Overlord
- Eradicator of the Empire
- G: Awakening of the Interdimensional Dragon
- G: Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits
- G: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star
- G: Fateful Star Messiah
- G: Flower Maiden of Purity
- G: Illusionist of the Crescent Moon
- G: Rallying Call of the Interspectral Dragon
- G: Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour
- Golden Mechanical Soldier
- Legend Deck The Dark
- Liberator of the Sanctuary
- Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms
- Malefic Deletor
- Purgatory Revenger
- Resonance of Thunder Dragon
- Seeker of Hope
- Slash of Silver Wolf
- Star-vader Invasion
- Successor of the Sacred Regalia
- Will of the Locked Dragon
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- Banquet of Divas
- Cavalry of Black Steel
- Celestial Valkyries
- Champions of the Cosmos
- Comic Style Vol. 1
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- Divas Duet
- Divine Dragon Progression
- Fighters Collection 2013
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- Fighters Collection 2015 Winter
- G Clan Booster 1: Academy of Divas
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- G Comic 1: Vanguard & Deletor
- G Extra 1: Cosmic Roar
- G Technical Booster 2: The Reckless Rampage
- Infinite Phantom Legion
- Mystic Magus
- Requiem at Dusk
- Touken Ranbu Online
- Waltz of the Goddess
- Card Gamers Vol. 7 Gold Paladin Starter Set
- Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero Royal Paladin Starter Set
- Daigo Special Set
- Jan 2014 Monthly Bushiroad Vanguard Deck
- Kerokero Ace Flash Fight Starter Set
- Kerokero Ace Flash Fight Starter Set No. 2
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