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L&L Nationals Preregistration

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Please RSVP to the regionals you will be attending. This will help the people at each regional have enough space for all entrants. The only people who will see your information are the Regional Organizers. Emails will only be used to contact you in case of an emergency change to the regional. If Promotional materials become limited, priority will be given to RSVP'd players. Should the building be unable to handle all of the entrants (exceedingly rare chance, but regardless) priority will be given to RSVP'd players.
Your Regional Advisor will be able to see your Name and half of your Confirmation number for verification purposes.

Note that a number of these events are going to be Judged remotely - there will be a helper facilitating the event, but your attendance means that you understand that your proper conduct is necessary to running this event. Causing unnecessary drama during the event makes nobody happy - strive to be fair and act in a proper manner so that these satellite events can be run.

Registering for L&L events does *not* send an email -
please write your number down!

Full Name:
Which Regional / National?
Your Email:
Where are you coming from?(City, State, Province):
If you have read and understood The Rules,
type the word "Yes" here:

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