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Cardsleeve Insert Creator

Here you can make the inserts that go into cardsleeves along with your cards to translate them seamlessly! Simply create a sleevelist, print it out with any PDF reader, then cut out the slips and slip your cards into cardsleeves with them. They hug the edges of the card for a great fit, and don't cover up too much of the card.

- if you use these, you should use them with all of your cards in your deck (even ones with no translated text), so you can't pick individual cards out,
- don't spam this, or you will be locked out for the day,
- this uses a number of abbreviations to keep the sleeves small (see below),
- if you navigate away from the Sleeve Creator, you have to start over, and
- when cutting out the sleeves, you want the black border to still be on the insert when you are finished cutting.

Let's get started!

Choose set to select from (TD = Trial Deck):

Confirm Selection >

Abbreviations used by this tool:
Pow: Power
Crit: Critical
WR: Waiting Room
LB: Library
CZ: Climax Zone
Chara: Character / Character Card
Opp.: Opponent
Shuffle. (when on its own): Shuffle your Library.
     VG: Vanguard
RG: Rearguard
DZ: Drop Zone
SC: Soul Charge
SB: Soul Blast
CB: Counter Blast

Weiβ Schwarz cards use poker (regular, Magic-sized) sleeves. Cardfight!! Vanguard uses bridge (skinny, Yu-Gi-Oh-sized) sleeves. © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice