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How to Play

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- Strategy Articles -

- Rule Clarifications -
All these have been answered directly by Enterplay staff. Should answers change, please be aware that Enterplay is the final arbiter of ruling questions.

If a Resource is Exhausted, can you still use its cardtext?
Yes, unless that text requires Exhausting that Resource as part of its cost. Cards such as Too Much Pie are not affected in any way when Exhausted.

Can I Exhaust my Too Much Pie that is on an Opponent's Friend to pay for the cost of my Lead Pony Badge?

When the Starting Mane Character Twilight Sparkle is turned over for winning a Faceoff, do any of her new abilities activate?
No. The Faceoff is over, so her Studious does not activate, nor does her ability to take the flipped card.

If I only have one of my face-down Troublemakers at a problem, is that sufficient to turn over the Starting Mane Character Rainbow Dash?
No. Dash requires a face-up Troublemaker.

When a card effect "reveals" a Troublemaker, is this the same thing as the uncovering of Troublemakers during the Troublemaker step?
Yes. Please note that cards that let you "look at a face-down Troublemaker and return it" are not revealing/uncovering that Troublemaker.

When a Double Faceoff occurs, what happens to still-in-play face-up Troublemakers?
They are dismissed.

What do cards that give +1 in two different Power types do, exactly?
They in effect give you +2 and both of those color types. A +1 Purple/+1 Orange played on a 1 Purple character make them effectively 3 Purple OR 3 Orange for any single Purpose. Should said character have that until the end of turn, they could count as 3 Purple *or* 3 Orange for fulfilling card and Problem requirements. Note that while you may choose to have said card be 3 Purple for purposes of playing 1 Friend and 3 Orange for playing another, they don't count as both 3 Purple *and* 3 Orange for any single play, and during confronts, count as 3 Purple or 3 Orange, your choice - and not 3 Purple *and* 3 Orange, or 2 Purple *and* 1 Orange, or any other combination.

If I have three Studious cards involved in a Faceoff I win, how many total Action Tokens do I receive?
One total. Studious does not stack.

Does Marvelous Chapeau change the requirements to confront into 1 Any?
No. It subtracts 1 from the total power you require at that location.

Does Fluttershy, Monster Tamer let you play your Opponent's Troublemakers as your own?
No, although Fluttershy's controller chooses where it is played. That Troublemaker goes to its original owner's Discard pile.

What counts towards Rarity's flip requirements?
All Points gained during the Score Phase count.

Are effects like Holly Dash's free move chainable?
Yes. You can use the Rainbow Dash Mane to pay (1) to move Holly Dash, who can move another Holly Dash for free, who can move yet another Friend.

When exactly are cards that React to an opponent's flip played?
This will be further clarified in the Comprehensive Manual, but there is currently a "Reaction Timing" after each card flipped, so something like Random or What Went Wrong must be used - or not used - before any subsequent flip, so take care to give time for reactions. © 2011-2013 Heart of the Cards.