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Card Translations

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Super Dimensional Robot, Daikaiser

超次元ロボ ダイカイザー
チョウジゲンロボ ダイカイザー
Card No.:TD12/001Rarity:TD
Grade:3Clan:Dimension Police
Star Gate
Skill:Twin Drive!!Type:Normal Unit
Original Card Text
Original Flavor Text
オレが力を貸してやるッ! 無様な姿は見せるなよ!
English Card Text
[A] [LB:(4)]: [Counterblast: (1)] When another ::Dimension Police:: Rides on this, you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Vanguards. It gains +10000 Power/+1 Critical and "[A] [(V)] When the Drive Check of this reveals a Grade 3 ::Dimension Police::, Retire 1 of your Opponent's Guardians, and negate all effects of that unit that includes 'cannot be hit'" for the turn.
[A] [(V)]: When this is Boosted by a ::Dimension Police::, this gains +2000 Power for the battle.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Lord 
English Flavor Text
Lend me your power! I won't show a clumsy side! 
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Dimensional Brave Kaiser Trial Deck
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Dimensional Brave Kaiser Trial Deck Translation >
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Card #Name (click for details)GradeClan
TD12/001Super Dimensional Robot, Daikaiser
超次元ロボ ダイカイザー
3Dimension Police
TD12/002Super Dimensional Robot, Daiyuusha
超次元ロボ ダイユーシャ
3Dimension Police
TD12/003Electric Planet Combination, Cosmo Great
電星合体 コスモグレート
3Dimension Police
TD12/004Dimensional Robot, Daifighter
次元ロボ ダイファイター
2Dimension Police
TD12/005Dimensional Robot, Daidragon
次元ロボ ダイドラゴン
2Dimension Police
TD12/006Dimensional Robot, Kaizard
次元ロボ カイザード
2Dimension Police
TD12/007Super Dimensional Robot, Dailady
超次元ロボ ダイレディ
2Dimension Police
TD12/008Dimensional Robot, Daidriller
次元ロボ ダイドリラー
2Dimension Police
TD12/009Carenroid, Daisy
カレンロイド デイジー
1Dimension Police
TD12/010Dimensional Robot, Daitiger
次元ロボ ダイタイガー
1Dimension Police
TD12/011Dimensional Robot, Daibrave
次元ロボ ダイブレイブ
1Dimension Police
TD12/012Dimensional Robot, Daimariner
次元ロボ ダイマリナー
1Dimension Police
TD12/013Dimensional Robot, Goyuusha
次元ロボ ゴーユーシャ
0Dimension Police
TD12/014Dimensional Robot, Daibattles
次元ロボ ダイバトルス
0Dimension Police
TD12/015Dimensional Robot, Daicrane
次元ロボ ダイクレーン
0Dimension Police
TD12/016Dimensional Robot, Goflight
次元ロボ ゴーフライト
0Dimension Police
TD12/017Dimensional Robot, Gorescue
次元ロボ ゴーレスキュー
0Dimension Police

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