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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Extra: Love Live: Sonoda Umi
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Character Sleeve Collection: Fate/Grand Order: Shielder / Mashu Kyrielite (Ver 2)
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One Piece Lanyard: Luffy
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Cardsleeve Inserts

Here you can download the inserts that go into cardsleeves along with your cards to translate them seamlessly! Simply download and unzip a sleevelist (zipped as a .zip file, sleevelist is a PDF), print it out with any PDF reader (let it print in actual size, do not "shrink or expand to fit"), then cut out the slips and slip your cards into cardsleeves with them (if you need multiples of any slip, just print the list multiple times). They hug the inside of the cardsleeve for a great, non-slip fit, and don't cover up the whole card. Each sleevelist has one copy of each card in that set, including alternate art cards (with different card numbers), so if you want mutiples of any one sleeve, simply print multiple copies.

- if you use these, you should use them with all of your cards in your deck (even ones with no text to translate), so you can't pick individual cards out by thickness,
- this uses a number of abbreviations to keep the sleeves small (see below),
- when cutting out the sleeves, you want the black border to still be on the insert when you are finished cutting, and
- sleevelists release when a set is 100% translated, so come back every day or so for a new set during our opening launch!

Cardsleeves Complete:
Trial Decks
- HTD01: Bloom Logic
- HTD02: Angel Logic
- TD01: Bullet Logic
- TD02: Cyber Logic

Start Decks
- SD01: Brave Logic
- SD02: Rinne Logic

- Promo Cards
- SPB01: Trance Re:union Special Booster
   Booster Packs
- BT01: Growth & Genesis
- BT02: Believe & Betray
- BT03: Spirit & Signal
- BT04: Aid & Arms
- HBT01: Change x Collect
- HBT02: Happy x Heart
- LBT01: We Are Luck & Logic Club!

Extra Packs
- EB01: Tokonatsu Luck
- HEB01: Shiny Day Live

Abbreviations used:
Pow: Power
Opp.: Opponent
Drop: Move to Drop Zone
may pay: you may pay the cost
Shuffle. (when on its own): Shuffle your Library.
     DZ: Drop Zone
TU: Tranceunion
Mem.: Member
LD: Logic Drive

Luck & Logic cards use poker (regular, Magic-sized) sleeves. © 2011-2018 Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice