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Prisma Illya Zwei Herz Booster!

May 20 2016

Eerything Prisma Illya could want, all in one full Booster! From a full array of Gem cards to new levels of Illya madness (early double salvage, super huge late-game assists, and a burn 5 / burn 2 double-burn!), it is just what Fate/kaleid liner players need, and it's available today!

Milky Holmes Strikes Back!

May 14 2016

Milky Holmes gets an amazing Extra Booster! With unique cards and abilities not found anywhere else, from a Stock bank to defensive Library stacking, as well as an excellent end game for Detectives and Phantom Thieves alike! Check your favorite stores today!

Idolmaster Red and Blue Power Up Sets!

Apr 29 2016

Idolmaster Red and Blue Power Up Sets launch today! Versatile Level 3s, new uses for old cards, and cascading Events bring the original Idolmaster to the forefront! Pick them up while supplies last!

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Second Season Launches!

Apr 22 2016

A full set of cards featuring the characters from Season 2! Restanders, on-attack damage, amazing events, tri-color cards (whaaat), everything you need to take Cinderella Girls to the next level! Pick some up today!

Clannad and Log Horizon Power Up Sets!

Apr 8 2016

Clannad and Log Horizon Power Up Sets launch today! Bring your older sets back to life with these excellent eight-card sets! Short Storage Box, Sleeves, and a Deck Holder are included in this great deal - pick one up today!

Card Game Shiyoko Ultimate Starter!

Mar 25 2016

Shiyoko's got her own set with the new Ultimate Starter! Containing a Deck Holder, sleeves, a full deck built by WS fans for WS fans, a full-sized comic, a storage box, and more, the giant Card Game Shiyoko Ultimate Starter is a must-have for any true fan of the game! Check with your local retailer to get yours!

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Vol. 2 Booster Launches!

Mar 11 2016

More excellent TLR cards! New powerful lategame Characters, excellent anti-attack and bounce events, cards to power up older decks, and brand-new builds as well! Pick some up from your local retailer today!

Idolmaster Power Up Sets release date change

Feb 29 2016

Bushiroad has just informed us that the Imas Power Up sets have been delayed worldwide to a release date of Apr. 29.

Puyo Puyo Trial Deck and Booster!

Feb 4 2016

After a long wait, Puyo Puyo is finally here! Cute cards, great art - and Puyo also packs a punch! Multi-shot, triple attack, and unique Brainstorms make this the standalone set to get! Trials and Boosters, available today!

Monogatari Series Second Season Booster Launch!

Jan 22 2016

Monogatari steps up its game with this excellent set! Search loops, reshufflers, anti-anti-untargetables, counter-climax library refuelers, and more! Everything you never knew you needed for Monogatari, available today!

Love Live! The School Idol Movie Extra Booster!

Jan 7 2016

More options have arrived for every Love Live! deck! New cards for every character, useful tech, great late-game, as well as excellent alternate art (and llamas!) Pick up this Extra Booster today!

WGP WS/CF!!V Finals streaming on NicoNico!

Jan 7 2016

Watch the finals live on Niconico!
Jan 9th, 3 PM for Vanguard, 4 PM for WS.
(All times Tokyo time)
Click here!

Kantai Abyssal Extra Booster Rises from the Depths!

Dec 4 2015

The Abyssals take back the seas with this great Extra Booster! Great midgame range, solid enders, and a number of cards that sink (bottom-deck) your opponent's characters so you can catch them speeding! Self-contained and easy to build, including tons of hot-stamp cards and even super-rare max-rarity packs, take these vessels out for a spin today!

Luck & Logic Site Open! How to Play, Videos, more!

Dec 14 2015

Luck & Logic, Bushiroad's newest game, has found a Western home at Heart of the Cards! With translations, videos, and more, HotC's new L&L site is your one-stop mecca for their brand-new game, coming out Jan. 28th!

Check out the new Luck & Logic Site! >>

Fate stay/night Unlimited Blade Works Vol. 2 Booster!

Dec 4 2015

The hottest set yet hits the streets today, with the next installment of UBW! Seriously, the art on these cards is off the charts, not to mention the excellent new techs, defensive bursts, and unique anti-Change effects this Booster has to offer. Did we mention how good looking the cards were as well? :) Pick some up today! (Special thanks to our lead translator, who worked overtime to get this one done on time. Kick butt on your exam this weekend!)

Genarch Olit, 2015 NA WS WGP Champion!

Nov 22 2015

Congratulations to Genarch Olit of BC Canada, this year's champion! His Red/Yellow To Love-Ru (without the antidamage, whaaaat) takes home the gold!

We'll have interviews, decklists, statistics, and more in the next few days, we've got a lot of cleaning up, formatting, and number crunching to do here first - stay tuned!

That's the end of the 2015 National Season! You can find all of this year's info, including links to the LCQ, the Top 16, and title breakdowns in the 2015 NA WGP Info Center! A special thanks to everyone who made this possible! Now, I'm off to get some much-needed rest, and get in a game or eleven of WS! -HotC Head Judge

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