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Hammergirl Anime!
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Domo-kun Figure: Bobble Head
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Love Live! Notebook: Double Ring: Minami Kotori (Halloween Version)
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Sailor Moon Figure: POP Sailor Neptune
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Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2: Love Live! Sunshine!!: Kunikida Hanamaru Part.2
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Cardfight!! Vanguard G Booster: Set 9: Divine Dragon Caper (Japanese)
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Yuri on Ice Plush: Victor (Dancing Clothes)
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Eric Z. and Re:Zero win the
Strictly Broken May Series Tournament!

May 22 2018

Eric Z takes the top spot in Canada! For an interview and decklist, go to the Series page!

2018 Spring/Summer Series! >>

Chris O. & Rabbits win the
Hammergirl Anime May Series Tournament!

May 18 2018

Chris O. wins again, this time with Is the Order a Rabbit?? at Hammergirl Anime's May event! As always, for deck details and interviews with the Top 2, go to the Series page!

2018 Spring/Summer Series! >>

Chris O. & Hina Logic tops at the
Kirwan's Game Store May Series Tournament!

May 18 2018

Hina Logic tops the Kirwan's May event! For deck details and interviews with the Top 2, go to the Series page!

2018 Spring/Summer Series! >>

Re:Zero Vol. 2 BP Preorders now open!

May 17 2018

Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
Black Knight Comics: Click here!

Strictly Broken TCG: Click here!

You can preorder the upcoming Re:Zero Vol. 2 Booster at the list of retailers above - contact them for details while preorders are still open! If your store is interested in being listed here, contact your HotC representative!

Slight Fate/Apocrypha Booster Delay

May 15 2018

Due to an unavoidable delay during transport in Japan, the shipping of the Fate/Apocrypha BP will be delayed 2-3 business days.

This will affect all distribution equally worldwide. We will get the products out to retailers as soon as they reach North America.

Nanoha Reflection Booster Launch!

May 11 2018

Standby Ready! Early-play bounce, multi-heal, Standby (of course!) and that trademark super-strong burn all star in the newest addition to the Nanoha franchise! Update your older decks - or build something totally new - with this excellent Booster Pack! Available from the retailers above starting today!

WS Spring/Summer Series 2018!

May 9 2018

Heart of the Cards is proud to present its first Spring/Summer Series!

Stores across the US and Canada will be hosting for-fun tourneys to bring WS players out of the heat (relatively, for folks up north ^^) and into a fun event!

Visit each of the stores below during their tournaments in May and June to get an exclusive PR card - one in May, and a different one in June! Some of the tourneys have optional entry fees (with optional cool prizes! if you don't pay, though, you still get the PR and can play like normal), and the top player at each tourney will get their deck featured on Heart of the Cards. No deck lists are required, just show up and have a fun time with everyone - see you there!

- Locations -

Hammergirl Anime
376 Jefferson Road // Jefferson Plaza // Rochester, NY 14623
Event 1: Sat, May 19, 2 PM - Free Entry
Event 2: Sat, Jun 30, 2 PM - Free Entry

Strictly Broken TCG
800 Mcbride Blvd Unit #33 // New Westminster, BC V3L 2B8
Event 1: Tue, May 22, 6 PM - 5$ (Optional)
Event 2: Sun, Jun 10, 6 PM - 5$ (Optional)

Kirwan's Game Store
369 Main St // Catskill, NY 12414
Event 1: Fri, May 18, 6 PM - 6$ (Optional)
Event 2: Sat, Jun 16, 3 PM - 6$ (Optional)

Treasure Chest Games
3274 Coast Meridian Road // Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 3N4
Event 1: Sun, May 27, 1 PM - Free Entry
Event 2: Sun, Jun 17, 1 PM - Free Entry

Black Knight Comics
Essex Junction, VT
Event 1/2: TBD

Dragon Girl TCG
14801 N 25th DR Unit 9 // Phoenix, AZ 85023
Event 1: Fri, May 25, 8 PM - Free Entry
Event 2: TBD

Event Registration / Organizers: Getting registered for a Spring/Summer event is easy! Registration instructions should have been sent to you from your Heart of the Cards PR Program rep along with your standard launch event registration, and all stores in the HotC PR Program are automatically approved. If you didn't get it, contact us and we will get you set up straight away!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Vol. 2 Booster!

Apr 27 2018

Love Live Sunshine hits the Stage running once again with this excelent set! With tons of techy choices for current builds, multpile multi-attack and burn options, and offbeat midgame card abilities not seen anywhere else in WS, this set is great for idol fans both old and new! Pick some up from the retailers above today!

Bang Dream Afterglow and Fate/Apocrypha
Trial Decks Plus Releasing Today!

Apr 13 2018

Two excellent TD+s out today! First is Fate/Apocrypha, with solid power, milling, and a high-risk, high-reward midgame, and second is the next Bang Dream Trial Deck featuring Afterglow, with Stock and Clock manipulation that works both with other cards in the Bang Dream universe, or on its own! Both decks available from retailers today!

Darling in the Franxx TD+ Preorders closing soon!

Apr 6 2018

Deadlines close this weekend for the Darling in the Franxx Trial Deck Plus preorders - be sure to check out one of the confirmed retailers below to put in your order!

United States:
Hammergirl Anime

Strictly Broken TCG

Da Capo vs. Little Busters!
Ten Year Anniversary Extra Booster!

Mar 29 2018

Ten years ago today, Bushiroad released the first two sets - Da Capo and Little Busters! - of what would become the greatest card game of all time. (HotC web guy: Yeah, I said it. Fight me. ^^). Today, this excellent Extra Booster takes those titles to the next level, with amazing cards for every build, and remakes of old-time favorites wth updated stats and abilities. If you play either of these titles, or ever wanted to, this is the set to get! Check with your local retailer to pick up this awesome ten year anniversary release, while supplies last!

Is the Order a Rabbit?? Dear My Sister Booster Pack!

Mar 23 2018

Is the Order a Rabbit?? delivers, with the brand new Dear My Sister Booster Pack! Packed with cards that not only help all current Rabbits decks, but with excellent new power-centric Bakery combos, and a Blue midgame designed to catch out costless opponent tactics! Great for both the long-time Rabbits fan and folks brnd new to the set! Get yours from the retailers above when it arrives!

Saekano TD+ & BP, and Pastel Palettes TD+, all releasing today!

Feb 23 2018

First up is the Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend TD+ and Booster! Late-game Marker tech, search-looping early play, brand-new bottom-of-Library tech, bounce-back cross-turn Power, Recollection, and an amazing level-up Event that fills your hand with characters, a Climax, and gets you a ton of Stock as well!
Also releasing today is the Bang Dream Pastel Palettes TD+, with neat time-release abilities as well as excellent milling tech for multiple Bang Dream builds! All three of these releases available at the retailers above starting today!

Gurren Lagann Booster and Trial Deck Plus Launch!

Jan 26 2018

Believe in the cards that believe in you! Gurren Lagann drills to the heart of WS with hand-off burns, early burns, Merge, and the most brutal anti-early-play ever printed! Pick up the most-preordered set in WS history from one of the retailers above, while supplies last!

Hina Logic Vol. 2 Releases!

Jan 26 2018

The second half of the Luck & Logic world lands in WS today! Mass Memory kick, anti-Soul, more Double Trigger, and a huge snowballing opponent Library filter make this not only the perfect compliment to the first Extra Booster but a great set on its own! Get yours from participating retailers today!

KonoSuba 2 Booster Launch + Special Offer!

Jan 22 2018

KonoSuba roars back to the spotlight with a brand-new set! With brand-new mid- and late- game options, Startup blockers, burns, multiple triple-card gains, and some of the neatest Event effects in all of WS, this is not only a great set for current KonoSuba players, but for anyone looking to get into the game! Pick some up from the retailers above today!

Special Offer! Supporting Retailers will have bonus Short Storage Boxes available for customers! Check with your retailer to see how to get yours along with your KonoSuba 2!

Bang Dream Girls' Band Party Boosters now available!

Dec 22 2017

Starring over 100 shiny cards, this set also has triple searches, double Brainstorm, opponent deck filter, and double triggers, The five bands of Girls' Band Party take WS to the next level! Get in on one of the fastest selling sets of all time - check with the stores above to get yours today!

Bang Dream Girls Band Party Roselia TD+ Launch!

Dec 8 2017

With excellent card art, a big mid-game, looping bottom-deckers, free hand filter every turn, a super versatile doubled-up Event, and a 1-cost from-Waiting-Room Level 3 make this Trial Deck Plus a beast on its own, and a strong addition to the rapidly expanding Bang Dream universe! Available today!

Project Diva X HD Extra Booster available today!

Dec 1 2017

The Project Diva series gets a fresh new update! Colorless cards, universal-discard Encore (even Climaxes!), end-of-turn burn, and so much more, all jam-packed into an Extra Booster! Pick up some to enhance your Vocaloid deck, or build a brand new one, from the retailers in the link above starting today!

Hina Logic ~from Luck & Logic~ Vol. 1 Extra Booster now available!

Nov 24 2017

When card games collide! Featuring global low-cost Encore, pre-Backups, double on-play search, and the Trance ability straight from Luck & Logic itself, the first Hina Logic Booster is a great way for L&L players to invade the WS world! With My Logicalist box toppers, and tons of cool abilities, this set is perfect for fans of either game - pick yours up today!

Congrats to Joon Oh, 2017 WS NA WGP Champion!

Nov 1 2017

Joon Oh pilots his innovative Railgun deck to victory in North America! Stay tuned in the next day or two for decklists, interviews, and more! Great job, everyone, and thank you for another awesome year from all of us at Heart of the Cards!

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