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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Booster releases!

Apr 23 2014

Fate UBW is on shelves today! This set is a complete upheaval to the current meta - excellent tech-y Events, new vanilla cards, an immortal 1/2, and Resonate, a new ability that lets you sacrifice hand size for added functionality, all in this 100-cardset, perfect for old and new Fate fans alike! Pick some up today, while supplies last!

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Trial Deck releases!

Apr 3 2014

Another addition to the long-running Fate series arrives! With interesting search techniques and anti-anti-Encore, this deck heralds a big shakeup to the current Fate series! Pick one (or two) up today!

Milky Holmes Second Stage Edition Booster launch!

Mar 20 2014

Another amazing set releases today! Tons of brand-new, focused tech for the new Holmes player, and cards that veterans have been wanting for a long time, together in one set! From 0-cost 3k backups, to excellent end-game characters, to powerful Climax combos, this set has it all - get it today!

Madoka Rebellion BP now available for preorder!

Mar 19 2014

We've opened up preorders to all our retailers for this set, releasing May 15th. Check with them by the 24th to reserve your boxes today!

Card searching now available!

Mar 17 2014

To help with finding just the right card to add to your deck, we've put in Neo-Standard card searching! Check out the "Card Search" link to the left!

WS Translation App now on Android!

Mar 3 2014

Take a picture of your card and get an instant translation from our server! Special thanks to the WS community for their hard work on this free app, and to our retailers for supporting it financially! Try it out today from the link on the left!
(iPhone/iPad version coming soon!)

As an important side note, please understand that this app is not tournament-legal for use at any of our WGP-related events, like Regionals and Nationals. Physical in-card translation slips or full Reference Cards are still required for those events. Feel free to use this in your fun matches, or your locals if your Organizer allows it, though, it's super-cool! -Head Judge

Milky Holmes Second Stage Trial Deck and Terra Formars Booster Launch!

Feb 27 2015

Two launches today! First, the newest addition to Milky Holmes features Experience cards and the new Feathers characters with their tag-team mechanices! Second, the full johj Terra Formars Booster, with excellent johj bug swarms, super-cool high-power johj Level 1s, and great late-game johj lockdown! Pick some up from your johj retailers before it's too JOHJ late! (All silliness aside, you really gotta check this set out, it's amazing!)

Restriction List Update!

Feb 20 2014

Updates to Haruhi, Index/Railgun, and Kantai Collection! Check it out!

Love Live! Vol. 2 Booster Launch!

Jan 22 2015

New options for every girl! Versatile Level 3s, added bonus effects for staple cards, stable search and Climax dumping, and more! An excellent addition to the Love Live! library, pick some up today!

Prisma Illya Zwei! EB now available!

Jan 16 2015

More excellent Prisma cards! Experience, clock Encore, multiple early-play Level 3s, and more, in an all-killer-no-filler Extra Booster! Get some (And the restocked original set) while supplies last!

Terra Formars TD, Girl Friend Beta TD, and Kancolle 2nd BP Launching Today!

Nov 28 2014

Three WS releases today! The Terra Formars and Girl Friend Beta Trial Decks, and the Kantai Collection Second Fleet Booster Pack! Pick up your girls, bugs, and even more shipgirls (in no particular order) today!

Idolm@ster Movie Booster and Sword Art Online II Extra now available!

Nov 28 2014

Get hype, two amazing sets today! Sword Art's amazing new offensive keyword "Target" and new support cards make it even deadlier, and the infinite awesomeness that is Idolmaster - a Level 3 that comes out at Level 1, new events (including the amazing Boys' Love Backup, thanks to National Champion Andrew for the name!), and so, so much more! Go get some today! (and trade your Ritsukos to me! -L, Head Judge)

Andrew Castillo is the 2014 North American Champion!

Nov 9 2014

Illiana's Little Busters hits a homerun! We'll have decklists up real soon, followed by interviews and event reports! Stay tuned! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who showed and had a great time! For interviews, decklists, and more, check the archived 2014 WGP Info Center here!

WGP Last Chance!

Nov 8 2014

Top 4 is: Kantai, Kantai, Kantai, Nanoha! See you tomorrow for the big show!

WGP Regionals Week 4!

Sep 28 2014

Another big one this week, with a number of smaller, but just as important, regionals spaced out all over! We'll have placements, decks, interviews and more up as soon as we can!

Mage's Realm (EXP), Sacramento, CA
1st: Pablo M, Kill La Kill, "American Midrange"
2nd: James E, Rewrite, "3/0 drop came to commentate"
3rd: Bao Heng Z, Sword Art Online, "Swagartonline"
4th: Jeffrey F, Nisekoi "#GrilledLove"
5th: Felix L, Kantai Collection, "UWRip Miracle Rogue"
6th: Alan L, Love Live!, "Girls' Generation"
7th: Ryan Y, Idolmaster, "Project Fairy for Life <3"
8th: Jamie C, Nisekoi, "[BnG]I am Sigurd via Proxy"

Bakuretsu, Essex Junction VT:
1st: Victor K, Da Capo, "夜刀神 十香" (Yatogami Tohka)
2nd: Todd W, Monogatari Series, "Testing Hitagi Testing"

BC Collectibles, Danville IL:
1st: Ian K, Nisekoi, "Burn baby Burn!!"
2nd: Aubry P, Love Live!, "This is our Miracle With Eri Ayase"
3rd: Hioaki I, Little Busters!, "Anego Beat"
4th: Eugene M, Rewrite, "Rewrite TD"

Outpost 2000 and Beyond, Crystal MN:
1st: Chris R, Nisekoi, "Old Spice Swagger"
2nd: Jonathan H, Kill La Kill, "Don't Lose your way!!"

WGP Regionals Week 3!

Sep 20 2014

Texas and New York are up this week! Stay tuned for interviews, decklists, and shoutouts galore!

IDEA, Sugar Land, TX
1st: Dennis T, Kantai, "Amatsukaze Ojou-sama"
2nd: Patrick T, Nisekoi, "Marika Ojou-Sama"

Hammergirl Anime, Rochester, NY
1st: Chris O, Little Busters!, "Doki Doki Busters Feels"
2nd: James O'C, Kill La Kill, "Listen To The Sound Of My 2 Soul"
3rd: Pomm K, Zero no Tsukaima, "ルイーズの最後の手段" (Louise's Last Resort)
4th: Jason T, Fairy Tail, "Scylla"
5th: Shannon V, Project Diva, "White Dress, Braids, and Big Straw Hat"
6th: Christian P, Kantai Collection, "Simply Kongou"
7th: Virginia C, Angel Beats!, "Operation: GirlDeMo"
8th: Scotty K, Nisekoi, "Nise Doki Doki"

WGP Regionals Week 2!

Sep 13 2014

Week 2 goes coast to coast, with Regionals from Western Canada and Florida checking in! Cool Stuff and Adventurer's are Saturday, and the heavily-preregistered Treasure Chest Regional on Sunday - stay tuned for more information as the weekend continues!

Cool Stuff, FL
1st: James A, Vividred Operation, "Delicious Mayonnaise"
2nd: David B, Psycho-Pass, "Enforcement Mode: Lethal Eliminator"

Adventurers Guild, AB Canada
1st: Shin-Chang L, Project Diva, "Red/Green Vanilla Hype"
2nd: Wyne L, Love Live!, "偶像を征服(Idols Conquer)"

Treasure Chest, BC Canada
Top 4: Toshio M, Monogatari Series, "Harem Force Activate"
Top 4: Ka Long C, Log Horizon, "くぎゅううう" (Kugyuuuu)
Top 4: Neldine M, Kantai Collection, "#Titanic #BlackPearl #AntiMeta #Swag"
Top 4: David S, Symphogear, "The Sacker!!"

Persona Q Extra Booster now available!

Sep 11 2014

Tons of cards for every Persona deck! Crazy new Memory cards, and a Persona Q exclusive Level 3! Available a day early - get some today!

WGP Regionals are Go!

Sep 6 2014

Regionals begin today! With Gamerz in Indiana and Toylynx in Hawaii, you'll be able to see the North American meta evolve in real-time! Check back for reports and more!

TOP 4 Gamerz, IN (more info forthcoming)
1st: Alex S, Nisekoi, "Unlock my love Please"
2nd: Melanie S, Nisekoi, "Dependant"
3rd: Andrew C, Phantom, "ScytheMaster was on Vacation"
4rd: Audri S, Love Live, "Standing at the Door with Honoka and Muse"

TOP 2 Toylynx, HI (more info forthcoming)
1st: Bryce G, Black Rock Shooter, "Waifu Rock Shooter"
2nd: David J, Vividred Operation, "-ALONE-"

TOP 2 Atomic Empire, NC
1st: James C, Madoka Magica, "Raspberries and Cheese"
2nd: Justin H, Project Diva, "Pink Hair"

TOP 4 Level Up Games, MN
Adan C, Da Capo, "Da Capo"
Chris B, Nisekoi, "Chitoge Da Bes"
Henry C, Daybreak Illusion, "Watching #BB"
Shai X, Black Rock Shooter, "The Rhythms of Africa"

WGP Video!

Sep 6 2014

Bushiroad has a video out for this year's tournament! Check it out!

Da Capo Sakura Saku and Little Busters! Card Mission Extra Boosters now available!

Sep 4 2014

Short, powerful sets to up your game in two of WS's biggest universes! Lots of updated tech, new strong late-game, and fan favorite cards players have been waiting years for! Launching in North America one day early, pick some up today!

Kill La Kill English Trial Decks Available!

Aug 22 2014

You can now pick up this great deck in English! Get started playing WS with your friends, your fellow anime fans, your pets, anyone you can! On sale starting today!

Nisekoi Booster Pack Launch (one day early)!

Aug 21 2014

The year's most-awaited Booster launches a day early in North America! With the same-named Event in all four colors (each with its own ability!) and multiple Characters that put it to good use, this versatile, powerful set lives up to its promise! Pick it up while it lasts!

Announcing the 2014 North American WS WGP!

Jul 24 2014

(AUG 20 UPDATE: Nationals Format Change!)
(AUG 6 UPDATE: New Banlist!)
It's that time of year again! Preregister and play in over two dozen Regional Tournaments across the country to win an invite to Nationals, and get a chance to represent all of North America in the World Championship in Japan! Winner receives round-trip airfare and hotel to participate in the WeiB Schwarz World Championship! North America won Worlds last year - can you help us do it again?

For information on how to enter / where to play, click here! >>

Project Diva 2 Booster Launches Thursday, Angel Beats! Re: Edit English Trial and Booster Friday!

Jul 23 2014

Diva 2 hits the shelves in North America one day early! Tons of new cards and abilities, with excellent Events and late game Characters to make Project Diva truly shine! Also, Angel Beats TD and BP are available in English on Friday! Check it all out at your local retailer!

Angel Beats! Re: Edit Trial and Booster, and Love Live! Extra!

Jun 27 2014

Triple Release Day! First, the Angel Beats! Re: Edit Trial Deck and Booster - built from both the very best of the multiple previous AB sets and powerful brand-new cards! It's a one-stop shop for all your Angel Beats! needs! Thirdly, Love Live! has an Extra Booster, with even more options for you Mu's fans! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS! Check both out at your local store today!

Log Horizon Extra Booster is in!

Jun 13 2014

The game-changing Log Horizon Extra Booster is here! Level 0 chasers, Huge Level 3 Supports, a brand new Bodyguard, and so, so much more! Pick up some today - this set is the fastest-selling so far this year!

WGP Regional Applicants - please respond!

Jun 12 2014

We've emailed every single applicant with what you need to do next - we need you to get back to us before Monday. If you haven't gotten an email, check your Spam folder, or email us to check. Thanks!

Want a WGP Regional in your area? Here's how!

May 28 2014

UPDATED 6/11: Applications closed! Looks like EVERY Applicant that made it in before the 11th is conditionally approved (assuming they follow instructions!) Stay tuned mid-next-week for locations!

Apply today!

UPDATED 6/4: Still looking for more locations!
Apply today!

UPDATED 5/30: US/CN Visa (or citizenship) req.
UPDATED 5/29: Canadian Sites, JP/EN Card clarification (JP Only)
We're in the process of setting up the Regionals for this year's North American (US/Canada) WGP, and we need to determine where to hold our Regionals! If you are interested in having one in your area, please read and follow these instructions carefully!

Send us an email at :
The Subject should be "NA WGP Regional Request - TOWNNAME, ST", where TOWNNAME should be replaced by the name of the town you live in, and ST should be the 2-letter abbreviation your state uses.

The Body of the email should follow this format:

- Your Name
- Your Email
- Your Phone Number
- Your City and State
- The Name of the Location of the Regional
- Contact information / webiste of the Regional Location
- The maximum amount of player seating available (DO NOT ESTIMATE)
- If you've held a WS regional before
- 100 words or less on why your spot should be picked. Include approximate counts on local playerbase size, events held, and so on.

People requesting the Regional will still be able to play in it - if your location is selected, we will either send someone to judge it or assist you remotely.

The site you choose for the Regional cannot charge money in any way - the Regional must occur in a free location (no conventions with badge fees, no stores that would require an entry fee). We suggest working with a local game store, or a library. You must have permission to run it in this location. The location must have stable internet access, and you must have the ability to understand and follow instructions, and access to a phone for the duration of the tournament.

If selected, we will work with you to set up a Regional in your area in September / October, with Nationals occurring in Rochester, NY, some time in October / November.

Note that we do not have answers for many questions regarding tournament structure / format / number of spots / etc yet - while we work on details, we need to get a list of interested places first, and we won't know about an interested place without your input!

Be sure to let your friends know about this as well - if you talk about WS in English, post a link to this announcement, so we can get the word out as fast as possible. All applications must be in by June 10th.

Some notes on things we are in the process of working on:
- Regionals in Canada are allowed, and any player living in America or Canada (Citizenship not required - visa holders and citizens are both allowed) is allowed to win the National Tournament - winners must be able to fly from the US to Japan and back, possibly without accompaniment (esp. in case of Canadian winners). Once in Tokyo, we should be able to provide assistance, if we cannot fly one the same plane with you to Japan
- No Regionals outside USA / Canada
- English cards are not allowed, only Japanese cards are allowed

Again, please note - you must be able to follow instructions, fairly hand out promotional items, send back extras, do paperwork, and keep a cool head if you want to be an Assistant Organizer for a Regional. You'll still be able to play in it - we expect the more prominent players in each area to apply for their area - but if you can't handle deferring to a higher authority during a tournament, or explaining both sides of a question, bad things can happen. Please make sure you are mature and fair enough to be responsible for running an event before you apply.

Even if you know your friend applied for your area, you can apply too! it'll be good for us to know we have multiple people to help out.

So, let people know about this, and if you are interested, get working on your application!

Click for older news! >> © 2011-2015 Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice