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Bushiroad Deck Protector Sleeves: The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST: Mio Naruse
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Love Live! Gashapon: Series 10: Kousaka Honoka
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Idolm@ster Figure: Revoltech Futami Mami Snow Strawberry Ver.
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Character Deck Case Collection MAX: Fate/Grand Order: Ruler / Altria Pendragon
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Possible small Rabbits DMS Delay

Mar 15 2018

There is a slight delay in all overseas shipping of the upcoming Rabbits Dear My Sister Booster. As such, Western stores may have a 1-3 day delay in availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Saekano TD+ & BP, and Pastel Palettes TD+, all releasing today!

Feb 23 2018

First up is the Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend TD+ and Booster! Late-game Marker tech, search-looping early play, brand-new bottom-of-Library tech, bounce-back cross-turn Power, Recollection, and an amazing level-up Event that fills your hand with characters, a Climax, and gets you a ton of Stock as well!
Also releasing today is the Bang Dream Pastel Palettes TD+, with neat time-release abilities as well as excellent milling tech for multiple Bang Dream builds! All three of these releases available at the retailers above starting today!

Gurren Lagann Booster and Trial Deck Plus Launch!

Jan 26 2018

Believe in the cards that believe in you! Gurren Lagann drills to the heart of WS with hand-off burns, early burns, Merge, and the most brutal anti-early-play ever printed! Pick up the most-preordered set in WS history from one of the retailers above, while supplies last!

Hina Logic Vol. 2 Releases!

Jan 26 2018

The second half of the Luck & Logic world lands in WS today! Mass Memory kick, anti-Soul, more Double Trigger, and a huge snowballing opponent Library filter make this not only the perfect compliment to the first Extra Booster but a great set on its own! Get yours from participating retailers today!

KonoSuba 2 Booster Launch + Special Offer!

Jan 22 2018

KonoSuba roars back to the spotlight with a brand-new set! With brand-new mid- and late- game options, Startup blockers, burns, multiple triple-card gains, and some of the neatest Event effects in all of WS, this is not only a great set for current KonoSuba players, but for anyone looking to get into the game! Pick some up from the retailers above today!

Special Offer! Supporting Retailers will have bonus Short Storage Boxes available for customers! Check with your retailer to see how to get yours along with your KonoSuba 2!

Bang Dream Girls' Band Party Boosters now available!

Dec 22 2017

Starring over 100 shiny cards, this set also has triple searches, double Brainstorm, opponent deck filter, and double triggers, The five bands of Girls' Band Party take WS to the next level! Get in on one of the fastest selling sets of all time - check with the stores above to get yours today!

Bang Dream Girls Band Party Roselia TD+ Launch!

Dec 8 2017

With excellent card art, a big mid-game, looping bottom-deckers, free hand filter every turn, a super versatile doubled-up Event, and a 1-cost from-Waiting-Room Level 3 make this Trial Deck Plus a beast on its own, and a strong addition to the rapidly expanding Bang Dream universe! Available today!

Project Diva X HD Extra Booster available today!

Dec 1 2017

The Project Diva series gets a fresh new update! Colorless cards, universal-discard Encore (even Climaxes!), end-of-turn burn, and so much more, all jam-packed into an Extra Booster! Pick up some to enhance your Vocaloid deck, or build a brand new one, from the retailers in the link above starting today!

Hina Logic ~from Luck & Logic~ Vol. 1 Extra Booster now available!

Nov 24 2017

When card games collide! Featuring global low-cost Encore, pre-Backups, double on-play search, and the Trance ability straight from Luck & Logic itself, the first Hina Logic Booster is a great way for L&L players to invade the WS world! With My Logicalist box toppers, and tons of cool abilities, this set is perfect for fans of either game - pick yours up today!

Congrats to Joon Oh, 2017 WS NA WGP Champion!

Nov 1 2017

Joon Oh pilots his innovative Railgun deck to victory in North America! Stay tuned in the next day or two for decklists, interviews, and more! Great job, everyone, and thank you for another awesome year from all of us at Heart of the Cards!

The 2017 WGP is almost here!

Nov 1 2017

The 2017 Nationals is in a little over a week, and it is going to be three days of tournaments and freebies galore! Friday is the Luck & Logic Nationals, Saturday is the WS Last Chance Regional, where anyone can get a last-minute spot for the big event, and Sunday is the 2017 WS WGP Nationals, where top players get exclusive playmants, and the winner gets a Trip to the Worlds in Japan!

There's tons of PRs, gift bags, an exclusive Bang Dream! short storage box, door prizes, and even more freebies for folks all weekend, as well as a chance to pick up exclusive sleeves and mats from Bushiroad that are available only during Nationals!

The festivities start in the afternoon at Hammergirl Anime in Rochester, NY, on Friday, November 10th! Be there!

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Launch!

Oct 27 2017

The Ordinal Scale Booster brings the hit movie to WS! The first new style booster, this set boasts more cards per pack, and more bang for your buck! New techs for older decks, swapping multi-attackers, anti-damage, and an amazing "Level Zero" build make this set one of the most varied ever! Pick some up from the retailers above today!

Bonus! Be sure to save your box UPCs! There will be a turn-in program starting soon where you can collect and exchange your boxes' UPCs for an exclusive PR card! Cut out and save the two UPCs on the side of each box as one 'piece' (see the image) and check the Points Exchange page in the upcoming weeks for how to redeem them!

Love Live! Sunshine!! TD+ now in stores!

Oct 25 2017

A brand new tri-color Trial Deck Plus for Love Live! Sunshine!! hits the shelves today! On-reverse search, huge own-turn burst power, and a really neat mill event make this a must-have for any Sunshine fan! Pick yours up from one of the retailers above today!

Attack on Titan Vol. 2 Booster Now Available!

Sep 29 2017

The second Attack on Titan set roars into WS! With characters that bounce themselves when attacked, a way to stop pesky targeting Backups, multiple on-defense changeups, neat effects for early-plays, early game burn, and of course, tons more cards for those crazy Titans decks! Pick up Attack on Titan Vol. 2 from your local retailer today!

Symphogear XD Unlimited Booster Launch!

Sep 22 2017

Two-character builds, anti-salvage, a new burning Bodyguard, two-for-one anti-damage, swapping Characters out of Level Zone, and even more complex, game-winning abilities that fans of Symphogear old and new have come to love! Pick up yours today!

WGP: Florida U Regional postponed until Sep 29

Sep 11 2017

Due to the hurricane, the Florida International University Regional is postponed until Sep 29.

WGP 2017 North American Regional Season Begins!

Aug 31 2017

The 2017 WGP Regionals are now open for preregistration! Check the link below for tournament instructions and signup!

WS WGP 2017 Regional List / Instructions >

Kemono Friends Booster Pack Now Available!

Aug 25 2017

You can finally play WS with your friends.. with your Friends! With multi-restanders, Event search, forced refresh, anti-Auto damage, multiple defensive Rests, unrestricted search, Soul assist, Event boosting, early-play with multi-search, ways to play characters without paying Cost, heal-to-hand, permanent global Event power boosts, and crazy PPP action, this powerhouse is sure to be one of the most popular sets of the year! Get on the Japari Bus, pick up some from the retailers above today!

WGP 2017 North American Regional Applications
Now Being Accepted! Deadline Aug 23rd!

Aug 11 2017

The WGP is back! Soon, WS players from around the continent will compete for the opportunity to play at Nationals, and then Worlds!
If you are interested in having a Regional at your store, or run by your playgroup, click below for info on how to apply! You have until August 23, so don't delay!

WS WGP 2017 Regional Application Instructions >

Kemono Friends Trial Deck+ Now Available!

Aug 11 2017

Friends-ship reigns in WS! This new Trial Deck Plus features swarm cards, free runners, Soul pumps, Encore counters, and more! Enjoy Japari Park by picking yours up from one of our above retailers today!

2017 Summer Sale!

Aug 1 2017

Heart of the Cards is proud to present the 2017 Summer Sale! The retailers below have some great deals for you on select sets, supplies, and singles - check them out!
If your store is interested in being listed here, contact us for details!

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei Launches!

Jul 28 2017

Multiple Zero-power Backups, swarm decks, Standing Standby characters, huge midgame characters, tons of Library-compressing markers, and anti-Front attack events Make this not only an excellent addition to the Prisma Illya line, but a great place to start for fans of the series! Pick some up while supplies last!

Re:Zero TD+ launches!

Jul 14 2017

The Re:Zero Trial Deck Plus hits stores today! Fresh new cards and abilities can buff up your current Re:Zero collection, and for new fans of the series, it's the perfect jumping-off point to your collection! Pick yours up while supplies last!
(translations are listed under "Re:Zero Trial Deck")

ViVid Strike! Booster now available!

Jun 23 2017

Vivid Strike is punching its way to the top of the charts! With opponent-turn damage, character dragging, heal-to-hand, and an amazing rolling burn, this set is an excellent choice for any player, old or new! Pick some up from a retailer above while supplies last!

Konosuba English BP/TD+ Preorders now open!

Jun 13 2017

Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
Black Knight Comics: Click here!

You can preorder the upcoming WS Konosuba Booster and Trial Deck Plus at the list of retailers above - contact them for details while preorders are still open!

Milky Holmes Fan Fun and Bang Dream Kira Kira release!

Jun 13 2017

The Milky Fan Fun pack and the Bang Dream Kira Kira Collection are now available in limited quantities from our participating retailers! Get yours while supplies last!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Extra Booster now available!

Jun 10 2017

What an amazing addition to the Sunshine lineup! Cards with both heal and burn, early-play characters that auto-play late-game characters, anti-costless, rock-paper-scissors where you want to lose, and more! With so much power in such a small package, make sure to pick some up today!

Kemono Friends BP/TD+ Preorders now open!

Jun 5 2017

Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
Strictly Broken TCG: Click here!

You can preorder the upcoming WS Kemono Friends Booster and Trial Deck Plus at the list of retailers above - contact them for details while preorders are still open!

Bang Dream! Booster now available!

May 26 2017

Bushiroad's own BanG Dream! takes the stage! Stock heal, multiple burns, Event search, opponent-turn damage, supporting Level 3s, excellent Trial Deck Plus synergy, and the unbelievable Standby Trigger make this set the first of its kind, and a guaranteed chart-topper! Pick some up from the retailers above today!

Chain Chronicle Booster launch!

Apr 28 2017

Chain Chronicle releases in North America! With the most burn damage of any set in WS, Chain Chronicle lets you hit players for 1, for 1 then 4, for 4, or for 9 triggers' worth! Couple that with multi-card WR summoning, anti-soul, stock generation, and you've got a force to be reckoned with - pick some up today!

KonoSuba Booster now available!

Apr 7 2017

Konosuba is here!

One of the most anticipated sets in WS history, Konosuba breaks the mold! With insane events that cost a full Level to play, unbelievable tech at all stages of the game, huge amounts of extra damage, anti-compression reshuffles, opponent guessing games, and so, so much more! Pick some up from one of the retailers above while supplies last!

Bang Dream! Booster Pack preorders now available!

Mar 16 2017
Preorders are now available for this excellent Booster!
Check out these following great retailers!

Hammergirl Anime: Click here!

The first Booster for Bushiroad's newest pop sensation, "Bang Dream!", is now available for preorder! Lock in your orders while it lasts!

(If you are interested in getting your shop on this list, let us know via the contact info above)

ViVid Strike! TD+ now available!

Mar 13 2017

Looping Changes, amazing Clock-Encore midgame attackers, and a Level 3 that can finish off an opponent on their own turn make the ViVid Strike Trial Deck Plus a force to be reckoned with! Pick up this amazing, well-rounded deck today!

KonoSuba TD+ explodes into action!

Mar 10 2017

Looping level 3s, late-game deck-thinning multisearch, oversized Clock Encores, double-duty Brainstormers, and more make this new Trial Deck Plus a force to be reckoned with in any situation! High-powered and versatile right out of the box, the KonoSuba TD+ is set to blow up the competition - pick one up from one of the retailers listed above today!

Chain Chronicle TD+ delay

Mar 10 2017

Due to manufacturing issues, the Chain Chronicle TD+ release is delayed to the last week of March. Thank you for your understanding.

Sword Art Re: Edit Booster logs in!

Feb 24 2017

Sword Art Re:Edit is here! Excellent cards from older sets, brand new amazing characters - assists that give extra attacks, 0-cost Level 3s, early game tech options, and more! Pick up this great way for Sword Art fans to dive into the game while supplies last!

Possible ~1 week Vivid Strike TD+ delay

Feb 24 2017

Due to manufacturing issues, the Vivid Strike TD+ release may be slightly delayed. We expect it to be available on or before Friday, March 17. Thank you for your understanding.

Bang Dream TD+ Now available!

Feb 15 2017

The first TD+ is here! With amazing abilities never before seen in a TD, the Bang Dream Trial Deck Plus feels like a constructed deck, and it plays like one, too! Get in on the ground floor, pick one up from a licensed retailer today!

Bang Dream TD+ Preview Teaching Events!

Feb 4 2017

Stop by your local card shop to get a sneak preview of the Bang Dream Japanese TD+! New and experienced players alike can get a demo game with the upcoming deck, and get a nifty guitar pick as a souvenir for trying it out! See the future of Trial Decks with Bang Dream today at any store that preordered the Bang Dream TD+!

Rewrite Anime Booster Now Available!

Jan 27 2017

Now available at these following great retailers!
Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
Treasure Chest Games: Click here!

Rewrite comes back into the spotlight with a new Booster! Tons of options for character decks, multiple burns, restanders, anti-damage you can store up for a rainy day, and an amazing non-targeting global -2 Soul counter make for both excellent additions to previous Rewrite decks, as well as tournament-ready standalone options! Get some while supplies last!

Re:Zero Booster and Trial Deck Launch!

Jan 20 2017

Now available at these following great retailers!
Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
A&C Games: Click here!
Treasure Chest Games: Click here!

Re:Zero arrives to help you set right what goes wrong in the WS world! Deck compression, opponent uncompression, swap defense, and extremely customizable search help propel this beautiful set to victory! Pick up some while supplies last!

Watch the WGP Live!

Jan 15 2017

Watch the events from the comfort of your own home!
Events start Jan 14 at 7:30 PM EST.

WS: Event Info / Live Stream

L&L: Event Info / Live Stream

CF!!V: Event Info / Live Stream

KonoSuba and ViVid Strike Trial Deck Plus preorders!

Dec 30 2016

Preorders are now available for these great new TD+s!
Check out these following great retailers!

Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
Treasure Chest Games: Click here!

"Trial Deck Plus" means an awesome, multi-foil deck, with at least 2 of each card, high-level WS tech, all perfect for the experienced WS player! Get your orders in today!

Kill La Kill, Railgun S, Haruhi Power Up Sets, and Rabbits Extra Booster!

Dec 23 2016

Available at these following great retailers!
Hammergirl Anime: Click here!
A&C Games: Click here!
Treasure Chest Games: Click here!
Mana Tide Games: Click here!

So much great WS just in time for the holiday! First, three previous sets get a welcome boost through Power Up Sets - Sleeves, Deck Box, Storage Box, and 4-ofs of an excellent mini set of cards! Also, Is the Order a Rabbit?? gets an Extra Booster, filling out an already awesome set. Double burn, Brainstorms, and more! All available, for the holiday at your local retailer - stop by while supplies last!

Persona 5 Booster and Trial Deck Launch!

Dec 16 2016

Persona 5 steals the spotlight with one of the most innovative WS sets ever! With an excellent Trial Deck, and a Booster with everything from multiple color versions of cards to new Face-down Memory tech, P5 has everything you need to build a great deck and swipe a win from the strongest players! Pick some up today!

Love Live Sunshine Booster Launch!

Nov 25 2016

Love Live! Sunshine!! is out today! Stock building, combination effects, continuous repeat heal, and great midgame combos team up with 0/1s, marker summons, and counter damage to make this standalone set a real powerhouse! Pick some up while supplies last from one of our participating retailers!

Steve Chu is the 2016 National Champion!

Nov 13 2016

Congratulations to Steve (and his Da Capo / Dal Segno deck), and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated! For interviews, decklists, and breakdowns, check the 2016 WGP Results here!

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