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Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2: Love Live! Sunshine!!: Kurosawa Ruby Part.2
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Dragon Ball Super Gashapon: UDM Burst 18: Hatchiyack
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Dragon Ball Kai Gashapon: UDM Burst 10: Ultimate Gohan
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Bushiroad Deck Holder: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk: Kirin Toudou
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Bushiroad Deck Protector Sleeves: Is the Order a Rabbit??: Mocha Part.2
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Yo-kai Watch Gashapon: Yo-Kai Dream Mascot: KK Brothers: K-Jiro
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How to Play

Rulesheet Front
Rulesheet Back

Regarding "End of Opponent's Next Turn"
Due to a card with this text now able to be put into play on your opponent's turn and a recent clarification by Bushiroad, this is better translated in all cases as "until your Opponent ends their turn". So, should an ability with this text activate during your opponent's turn, that ability will cease to be active at the end of the turn - not "after that turn ends, and one full turn of yours, and another one full turn of theirs".

Regarding "gain an additional turn"
This means "at the end of the End Phase of the Turn you resolved this ability, your opponent does not become turn player, you do, which starts a new turn". Effects that last "until the End of Opponent's Next Turn" are still in effect. If tournament procedure requires the number of turns be counted, this "additional turn" does not count towards that number - it is still part of the turn in which the effect was gained.
New Keyword ability: Shift
At the start of your Main Phase, As long as your current level is higher or equal to the Shift Level written on the card, the card with Shift ability in your Clock Zone may be swapped with the same colored card in your Hand. The card from your hand can be of any type and level as long as it is of the same colour.

Click here for the Printable Comprehensive Manual.

Click here for the Errata List.

Click here for the Tournament Deck Construction and Restriction List.

Click here for the 2017 WGP Regional and National Information Center.

Exception in Tournaments with Translations
The Haruhi card "Searching Tour in the City" (SY/W08-070) requires the opponent to peruse the turn's players cards from a closed zone, and return them to a closed zone. As such, should this card be played, someone must be called so that an unbiased third party can point out the translations on the revealed cards without the turn player learning which cards are being perused. This rules follows for all cards which cause you to inspect an opposing closed zone, such as Madoka Magica's "Meaningless Chain".
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