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Custom Weiβ Schwarz Cardsleeve Creator

While we're getting the rest of the translations up, we are offering this Custom Creation Program. You can pick the Title, Cardtext, Card Number, Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Trigger, Level, and Cost info for each of a page of sleeves, and then download it yourself. This is if you want to use your own personal translations or notes for your cards, while you are waiting the few days it will take us to get the sleeves officially up.

There are a number of restrictions, as this is an alpha release:

  • Letters, numbers, commas, periods, single dashes, colons, spaces only.
  • Title is max 40 characters.
  • Cardtext is max 200 characters. Type "::" without quotes for a new line.
  • No word greater than 20 characters long before a space.
  • Card Number, Keyword 1, Keyword 2, and Trigger are max 12 characters.
  • Level and Cost are max 1 character.
  • Do not distribute or link to your downloads (they delete after a few minutes)
  • Max 20 sleevepages (18 sleeves each) per day.
  • No copyright infringement, vulgarity, or abuse allowed.
  • Heart of the Cards is not responsible for the cardsleeves you create.
If you agree to these restrictions, check the box below and click 'Continue'.

Currently offline - this will be back if we get behind on translations!

Weiβ Schwarz cards use poker (regular, Magic-sized) sleeves. © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice