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Assault Lily Re: Edit TD+ and Rent-A-Girlfriend BP!

Jan 22 2021

Two releases today! First, the second TD for the upcoming Assault Lily set, with lots of options for all manner of battles, and the Rent-A-Girlfriend Booster, which comes with a vast array of abilities to swap in powerfirl "Girlfriends" and confound your opponent! Both available now at your local retailers!


WGP: Promotional Items Shipping Delay

Jan 19 2021

We're still waiting for some giveaway items for the WGP to arrive before everything gets shipped out, as well as working with local retailers to assure people can get their PRs and goods safely. We apologize for the delays, and want to assure folks things are moving along as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Booster Pack!

Jan 8 2021

Ring in the new year with this fun, battle-heavy Booster release! The Priconne set utilizes amazing and unique abilities throughout the game, letting you eat the mightiest cards in WS for lunch! With multiple sigs for multiple girls and fun art, this set has a buffet of choices to build from! Available now at your local retailer!

Princess Connect TD+ & Rent-A-Girlfriend TD+!

Dec 25 2020

Two new releases today - hard-battling and great looking Princess Connect Re:Dive and supportive Rent-A-Girlfriend, available this weekend from the retailers above! Happy holidays!

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack now available!

Dec 18 2020

Battle for love with Kaguya-sama on the WS stage! With loopable Events, great tag-team abilities, and tons of fan-favorite battle-ready abilities, the Love is War set is an excellent way to enjoy the game! Pick up the Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack from the retailers above starting today!


Yoomin Kim is the 2020 WS WGP North American Online Champion!

Dec 13 2020

Quints takes the crown, great job Yoomin!

Top 4:
1st: Yoomin Kim (Quintessential Quintuplets)
2nd: Cameron Becker (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)
3rd: Hansen Guo (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)
4th: Danny Wan (Vivid Strike!)

Stay tuned for interviews and more! Thanks for playing!

>> Click here for the 2020 WGP Page <<<

Love Live Nijigasaki School Idol Club feat. School Idol Festival All Stars TD+!

Dec 11 2020

Long name, great set! The third generation of Love Live showcases tons of useful abilities normally seen in Boosters, and a stackable on-Reverse damage combo to lock up the game early! Available now at the retailers above!

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Vol. 2 Booster Pack!

Dec 4 2020

The next Heaven's Feel movie takes the Stage! With huge Stock- and card-heavy special abilities, this set packs a real punch! Play it on its own, with the other Heaven's Feel Release, or with the entire Fate timeline, starting today! Check your favorite retailers above to pick some up now!

WGP Regional Champion Interviews & Decklists!

Dec 1 2020

Recipes and interviews with the champions are now up! See you in (less than!) two weeks for the Nationals!

>> Click here for the 2020 WGP Page <<<

Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense Booster Pack!

Nov 20 2020

Defense is the best offense in this new Booster! With tons of reactive abilities, new Climax effects, and lots of Battle-focused countermeasures, this set is perfect for both those who want to take it slow and steady and those who want to rush in for the win! Available now from your favorite retailers above!

Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense Trial Deck+ now available!

Nov 13 2020

Long name, awesome TD! Bofuri brings out the big guns (shield, actually) in a powered-up, stable Trial Deck Plus that lets you take your time and enjoy your victory! With unlimited power-downs, safe double attacking, and event-based salvage, this deck sports lots of ways to let you take it easy on the battlefield. You canpick it up from your favorite retailers starting today!

WGP Regionals Begin!

Nov 13 2020

The online regionals start this weekend! Hope to see you there!

>> Click here for the 2020 WGP Page <<<

WGP Promos announced! Choose your favorites!

Nov 5 2020

Players can now pick which promos they want most, so we can customize your reward for playing in the continent-wide event! Sign in with your Confirmation Code and pick what you most desire!

>> Click here for the 2020 WGP Page <<<

Summer Pockets Reflection Blue Booster Pack now available!

Oct 30 2020

The second set for Summer Pockets releases today! With new builds revolving around the top-tier sequel to the hit visual novel, and cards for all of the original builds, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Pick up yours from your favorite retailer today!

Announcing the Online North American 2020 WS WGP!

Oct 27 2020

The All-Online WGP is ready to go! Over $1000 in prizes!
Install Discord, get a deck together,and
check the 2020 WGP Page to register ASAP!

>> Click here for the 2020 WGP Page <<<

Circus 20th Anniversary Booster Pack now available!

Oct 9 2020

Circus 20th Anniversary is both the perfect entry to the Da Capo series for new players, as well as an excellent addition to over ten years of DC WS releases! With tons of Memory tech and cards that update decks from over a decade ago, this set is perfect for every Circus fan out there! now available at the retailers above!

Quintessential Quintuplets Booster Pack!

Sep 11 2020

The long-awaited Quintessential Quintuplets Booster is now available! With 135 cards spread across five brides (and one tutor), this set has more battle tricks than you can shake a bouquet at! No matter who you think that Futaro should end up with*, there's multiple great builds to try! Get yours starting today from your favorite retailer!

*translator note: Ichika is #1, I mean, it's right in her name!**

**backup translator note: the incorrect opinions expressed above do not reflect on HotC's official stance on Best Girl. Which should be Yotsuba. Obviously.***

***organized play manager note: stop it both of you

Five Quintessential Quintuplets TD+!

Aug 28 2020

Five complete themed Trial Decks Plus, all on the same day! All together, it is almost as many cards as a standard Booster! With varied tech and easy single-Character build strategies, Quintessential Quintuplets is a set for everyone! Pick yours up today!

Madoka Magica Magia Record Anime Booster Pack!

Aug 14 2020

The next set in the Madoka Magica series is now available in North America! With selectable burn, attack redirection, Character removal and more, you can build both Magia decks or build that span generations of Magical Girls, Witches, and more! Pick up yours from your favorite retailer today!

Madoka Magica Magia Record Anime Trial Deck Plus, + Western Releases of the Original Set!

Jul 31 2020

The Madoka universe expands! This Magia Record Anime TD+ comes with multiple Soul-boosting cards, and mid-game handoff Climax Combos to let you refil your hand in a flash! Now available from your local retailer!
Bonus! This release makes the original Magia Record available in the West as well! Check those same retailers for the first set as well!

Re:Zero Frozen Bonds Booster now available!

Jul 17 2020

Green comes to Re:Zero in a bg way! This Emilia-focused Extra Booster (there's a little Rem and Ram too, no worries) adds an entire dimension to the Re:Zero card pool, both as a standalone build and combined with previous releases. With lots of battle-focused abilities, and an alternate swarm build, there's lots to enjoy about this Extra Booster. Available today!

Key 20th Anniversary Booster now available!

May 29 2020

Five great series, one amazing set! Key 20th has tons of options for both single set and all-together Anniversary decks, as well as cards to help previous WS sets going all the way back to the very first! Get yours from your favorite retailer today!

Date a Live Trial Deck+ & Booster!

Jul 10 2020

With never-before-seen WS abilities, widely vaired builds, and multi-colored character options, Date A Live is an amazing set for both new players and the most experienced! From swarm rush builds to unstoppable Bodyguards, this set plays every kind of way you can think of, and more! Pick up a TD+ and some boosters from your favorite retailer today!

Key 20th PR Campaign!

Jul 9 2020

you can get special Key 20th Anniversary Promo Packs from select retailers when you purchase sealed WS products, like Trial Decks and Booster Packs! (and not just Key!)

For specifics, check in with the retailers listed in our Retailer Section, while supplies last!

Key PR Retailer Campaign!

Jun 26 2020

With terrifying multi-burns, amazing defense, early anti-Soul, and versatile tech at every step of the game, this excellent standalone Fate set is now available at your favorite retailers!

Key 20th Anniversary Booster now available!

May 29 2020

Five great series, one amazing set! Key 20th has tons of options for both single set and all-together Anniversary decks, as well as cards to help previous WS sets going all the way back to the very first! Get yours from your favorite retailer today!

Madoka Magia Record Anime Preorders open - Magia Record now available for play in North America!

May 26 2020

With the announcement of Madoka Magia Record Anime TD+ & BP, the license for play has been extended to the original Magia Record as well! A reprint of both the original TD+ & BP has also been opened for preorder! Upon reprint release in late June / early July, Magia will then become legal for North American organized play. Check with your local retailer for details!

Sakura Wars TD+ & BP, and Assault Lily Bouquet TD+, both available today!

May 15 2020

Tons of sets today! First is the Sakura Wars Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack! Sakura Wars has tons of battle-focused tech, colorless plays, and to top it all off, an event that with a special bonus that happens only one day a year! Also, Assault Lily Bouquet debuts its Trial Deck+, with a toolbox of abilities as adaptable as the Characters themselves! Get these at your favorite retailer, starting today!

Konosuba Legend of Crimson Movie BP available today!

Apr 24 2020

The cast of Konosuba returns! With a huge late-game tag team Explosion technique, CX combos that can net four cards with just one activation, and a new Demon King's Army build, this set blows the stage away! Now Available from your favorite retailers!

Special Thank You Message from Bushiroad

Apr 19 2020

Bushiroad has a message to everyone out there playing and enjoying Bushiroad games, music, concerts, stage plays, and more during these trying times. Thank you so much for your support!

Message from Bushiroad Inc. (pdf) >

One Day Only! WS Rewrite Anime BP Reprint!

Apr 15 2020

A reprint for the WS Rewrite Anime BP has opened up for ONE DAY only! Shipping is in late May - check your favorite retailers for details!

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl BP
& Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia TD+ both available today!

Mar 27 2020

Two amazing releases in one day! First, based on the new Aobuta movie, the Dreaming set has awesome board manipulation, Character play from the Level Zone(!), and some of the most on-point card effect flavor that we have ever seen in the set! (translator's note: the set is so like the heartbreaking, uplifting movie, with hard choices between two outcomes midgame that leads to an amazing all-comes-together endgame, seriously, it brings tears to your eyes.)
Next is the Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Trial Deck Plus! With a lot of great plays throughout, and a Bodyguard (in a TD!), this is a great deck to play from beginning to end! Both are available from official retailers starting today!

The Fruit of Grisaia Booster Pack available today!

Mar 13 2020

The ladies of Grisaia debut in WS! With robust Standby builds, Character-focused options, and powerful Event tech, we're sure that both long-time Grisaia fans and new folks as well will be pleased with this beautiful set! Available at your local retailer today!

Konosuba Re:Edit Booster Pack available today!

Feb 28 2020

Two great sets in one! The Konosuba Re:Edit reprints the best parts of Konosuba 1 and 2, along with new signatures, hard-to-find PRs, and exclusive quest marker cads, in one easy pickup! Get yours at your favorite card shop today!

The Fruit of Grisaia Trial Deck+ now available!

Feb 14 2020

The Grisaia series takes the stage! With a rebounding midgame and a high-powered, restanding finish, this Trial Deck Plus is definitely a taste of what's to come for the set! Spend this Valentine's Day with the girls of Mihama Private Academy - pick up The Fruit of Grisaia TD+ at your local shop starting today!

Database updates, slight temporary slowdown (update: complete)

Feb 6 2019

The translation database will be slow for a little bit while we work on some upgrades, our apologies. Update: all done! Let us know if you have any issues.

Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Booster Pack
now available!

Jan 24 2020

The 10th Anniversary edition of Sword Art Online is the perfect introduction to the SAO WS experience! With amazing light novel art, tech at every level, and extreme build options that rock the foundations of WS strategy, this set is not only full of enticing upgrade options for long-time Sword Art players, but also an amazing entry point for new players! Visit your local retailer! Update: HotC has been approved to redeem the acrylic winner certificates packed into select SAO 10th boxes! Follow the instructions the same as you would Points on the Points Exchange page, with the following extra info:
To turn in the green winner cards, send them is as you would points, but also include, both in the email and as a piece of paper in the mailing: your name, your address and zip code, your phone number, and the number (1 to 5) of the Acrylic Card you would like. You can find a listing and images of the cards on the JP website here: JP Acrylic Card Info Page. For further information and disclaimers about the program (involving the shipping and info for the items), please see the JP page for details.

Rebirth anime now available on YouTube!

Jan 5 2020

The ReBirth anime is now available on the Rebirth for you YouTube Channel!

Bang Dream! Vol. 2 Booster Pack now available!

Dec 28 2019

The next installment of the super-popular Bang Dream franchise is here! With tons of signed cards, support for every band including the brand-new RAISE A SUILEN, Volume 2 has cards for both the long time enthusiast and the first-time fan! While the official launch date is New Year's Day, Bushiroad is allowing it to be available starting today from your favorite retailers! We'll see you on the Stage!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Booster Pack Launch!

Dec 13 2019

With excellent answers for almost every deck out there, super-strong high-risk, high-reward burn, as well as ingenious Marker tech, TimeSlime is ready to battle starting today!

Re:Zero Memory Snow now available!

Dec 13 2019

Great for a stadalone build or for enhancing any previous builds, Memory Snow is a light-hearted addition to the Re:Zero cardpool! Now available in North America!

Bang Dream RAISE A SUILEN Trial Deck+!

Dec 6 2019

With Accelerate, high-Power survival, and a multi-use Event, RaS is a welcome addition to the Bang Dream Universe! Pick up this 'Unstoppable' Trial Deck Plus at your favorite retailer!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Trial Deck+!

Nov 29 2019

With techy Backups, a Climaxless lategame burn, and super-strong offensive power, the TimeSlime Trial Deck Plus is a monster! Pick it up from your locals or one of the stores listed above starting today!

Re:Zero Memory Snow Update: available Dec. 13

Nov 29 2019

We have just been informed that they have received the stickers from the licensor necessary to send the cartons overseas. Shipping begins early December, and the Memory Snow BP will be available on the same day as the Slime BP release. This affects all distributors in the region. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Slight Re:Zero Memory Snow BP Delay

Nov 21 2019

We have been informed that due to a temporary "licensing process issue" that the new Re:Zero set will be slightly delayed.

As of the most recent updates we've received, we have been told that we should expect a delay of at least "one week from the initial delivery date" and "the shipping date should be pushed back around the last week of November". This is affecting all distributors equally.

We will post more information as soon as it becomes available. We apologize for the situation, and will notify retailers as soon as we know more.

Nationals Raffle Winners!

Nov 15 2019

Congrats to the following folks that won raffle prizes at Nationals! We will be in touch to get you your winnings as soon as possible!

Points Sleeves: Abigail B, Thomas L, Ron K, Bryan B
Rebirth for you TDs: Chris O, Brian D, Melanie S, Oliver S, Will A (he gets a 4-pack!)
"Two-Pack" Gift Certificates: Alex E, Han Chen G
$20 Gift Certificates to Hammergirl Anime: Pom M, Collin H, Harol M, Myc F, Neel P, Sajeev M
Boxes of WS: Julia R, Noah B

Thanks to everyone for another successful Nationals year!

Congratulations to Carmen Condeluci, the 2019 WGP WS North American Champion!

Nov 10 2019

Great job, Carmen! Stay tuned for decklists, interviews, and more! Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the WGP season, and everyone who plays and loves WS, from all of us at Heart of the Cards!

Revue Starlight Re LIVE Booster Pack launch!

Nov 8 2019

With cards for each of the three new schools as well as all the decks from the original set, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Re LIVE's second set is amazing! Huge lategame self-paying burns, anti-damage, tons of midgame options, and an absolutely insane amount of Bonds (seriously, you can Bond into a Bond into a chooseable Bond, and that isn't even half of what Green can do) make this a must have for longtime Revue players, and perfect for people just getting into the series! Pick yours up from the stores above - and the WS Nationals! - starting today!

WGP Event Details! Exclusive PRs and Goods!
Update: Additional Prizes!

Oct 29 2019

Prizes available all three days!

All weekend,
you can receive special PR packs for shopping at the event location! Also:
Friday, players at the 8 o'clock Rebirth teaching event have a chance to win a free preorder for one of the four launch-day Trial Decks!
Saturday, the Two-Pack event after the Last-Chance Regional will have a number of Points Exchange prizes!
Sunday, every game of Free-Fight and/or Nationals that you play will give you entries into a big raffle to win any one of a number of prizes, ranging from sleeves to multiple boxes of WS!

Next weekend is the 2019 WS North American Nationals WS WGP! Heart of the Cards will be at Hammergirl Anime in Rochester, NY with fun, free events November 9th to the 11th!

Friday evening we will be debuting and running demos of Rebirth For You, Bushiroad's brand-new upcoming TCG! You can find out more about the game and the many different launch decks (featuring the Rebirth characters, Isekai Quartet, Bang Dream, and Touhou Project!) at our just-launched Rebirth site! Note that the How to Play and the Translations sections are still awaiting approval, but they should be public very soon!

Saturday November 9 at Noon is the Last-Chance Regional, where the top 16 18 19 21 22 (Update 4!) players will be granted an invite to the Nationals the next day! Pre-register to guarateea seat at the tournament!

Saturday after the Regional is the Tons-of-Prizes Two-Pack Event! Play in a make-your-own matches scramble, where the biggest winners, losers, best and not-so-best Shiyoko artists, cat drawers, sig-pullers, and random others will win packs, points prizes, promos, and more! You don't have to be good, you just have to have fun!

Sunday November 10 at 10 AM is the North American Championship. Invites are required, so you will have had towin one from previous Regional or the Last-Chance the day before. Once a couple rounds of that have passed, we will be having a Free Fight, where anyone can earn PR cards, and at the same time we will be also running demos for Rebirth for You as well, so be sure to check it out.

On top of all of that, there will be Exclusive PRs for all attendees, Nationals-only Cardsleeves and Mats that you can't get anywhere else, and on top of all that Friday morning is the release for the Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Re:Live Booster, and we're sure there will be an impromptu opening party for that (note: even the Head Judge will be opening, hoping for any Best Girl Futaba sigs! -Luke, Head Judge). It'll be an amzing weekend,we hope to see you there!

WGP Week 8 Winners!

Oct 28 2019

Kiznaiver wraps it up in New Jersey! All the winning lists are up on the WGP 2019 Info Site to review. Nationals is in just two weeks - stay turned for big announcements to come!

Saekano Flat Booster Pack now available!

Oct 25 2019

Multiple-choice lategame cards, Memory tricks, and a number of interesting mid-game and anti-early-play mechanics make Flat an excellent addition to the Saekano card pool! You can get yours from the stores above starting today!

WGP Week 7 Winners!

Oct 23 2019

Diva, Kemono, and Overlord top the charts! You can check out the lists at the WGP 2019 Info Site! One more to go!

WGP Week 6 Winners!

Oct 14 2019

Kemono Friends and Hina Logic top this week's events! Take a look at the WGP 2019 Info Site for more info! See you next week!

WGP Week 5 Winners!

Oct 6 2019

Goblin Slayer, Cardcaptor, Prisma Illya, Symphogear, a pair of Bang Dream, and a pair of Bunnygirl are the eight first places for the week! Read about them at the WGP 2019 Info Site! See you this weekend!

WGP Week 4 Winners!

Sep 29 2019

Hina Logic, Bang Dream, Fantasia, Goblin Slayer, and Konosuba take top this week, check out the lists at the WGP 2019 Info Site! EIGHT Regionals next week, do your best everybody!

WGP Week 3 Winners!

Sep 24 2019

Sneaker Strike Witches, Summer Pockets, and Idolmaster Million Live win this week! Check out the WGP 2019 Info Site to see how! Next up is is a cross-country six pack of tournaments! See you there!

WGP Week 2 Winners!

Sep 18 2019

Overlord, Kemono Friends, and Nanoha top the charts! Check out the WGP 2019 Info Site to see the winners and more! Next up is Maine, Illinois, and Toronto Canada! Stay tuned!

Slight downtime for server upgrade

Sep 16 2019

There will be approximately 30 min of downtime at approximately 2PM Eastern today for a server upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience.

WGP: South Florida Regional Postponed

Sep 14 2019

The Florida Regional is postponed until sometime in October. HotC will update this page with the new date when it becomes available.

Symphogear AXZ & Symphogear XD Unlimited Extend
Dual Booster Pack Launch!

Sep 13 2019

A new chapter in the Symphogear saga has arrived! With triple burn, multiple Stock generation techniques, and amazing dual-Character builds, Symphogear AXZ will take your deck to the next level! Fear not, folks looking to build along with the previous sets, a brand new multi-set release is available in Symphogear XD Unlimited Extend, also available today! Get all of the great cards of Unlimited plus reprints of fan-favorite cards from earlier sets and PRs, all in one great Booster! Symphogar AXZ and Symphogear XD Unlimited Extend, now available from the stores above!

WGP Week 1 Winners!

Sep 10 2019

Cardcaptor, Overlord, and Rabbits top this week's Regionals! Next week is New York, Florida, California and Hawaii - check the WGP 2019 Info Site to see the winners and more!

The 2019 WGP Season kicks into high gear!

Sep 6 2019

The Early Bird Regionals are complete, with six different titles topping the six locations: Re:Zero, Sword Art GGO, Index/Railgun, Idolm@ster, Batman, and Bang Dream! This weekend has regionals from coast-to-coast, in California, Washington, and Florida - check the WGP 2019 Info Site to check out the winning builds and register!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack Launch!

Aug 23 2019

Cardcaptor Sakura takes the Stage in WS! With varied, techy bulds revolving around multi-option Event usage, Sakura can take you to victory in any color! Tomoyo and Kero-chan also have great plays, and the D Magician cards allow for alternate strategies as well. Pick up this amazing and varied set today!

WGP 2019 Regional Listings are here!

Aug 14 2019

Regionals are live! Starting this Friday and running through October, visit one of these Regionals to compete to secure a spot at Nationals! You can also come to the Last-Chance Regional the day before Nationals, with 16+ spots up for grabs! Preregister at the WGP 2019 sub-site below, let the games begin!

WS WGP 2019 Info Site >

Love Live / Love Live Sunshine
School Idol Festival Dual Release!

Aug 9 2019

Celebrate the 6th anniversary of Love Live in style with these two Booster Pack releases! Love Live adds even more variety for builds into the original with Standby, Accelerate, and lots of trio and single-character build options, and Sunshine offers all-new group makeups, mid- and late-game tech! Both are available today from your favorite retailers!

WGP 2019 Applications - One Day Left!

Aug 5 2019

There's just one day left to apply for a regional in your area! If you are interested in getting a chance to win a spot in Nationals, let us know ASAP!

WS WGP 2019 Regional Application Instructions >

WGP Info Site >

WGP 2019 August Locations!

Aug 2 2019

August Regionals are up! A select few locations have their Regional this month! Stay tuned after the 6th for the September / October locations - and there is still time to reguest one Go to the info site to find out how!

WGP Info Site >

WGP 2019 North American Regional Applications
Now Being Accepted! Deadline Aug 6th!

Jul 23 2019

The WGP is back! Soon, WS players from around the continent will compete for the opportunity to play at Nationals, and then Worlds!
If you are interested in having a Regional at your store, or run by your playgroup, click below for info on how to apply! You have until August 6, so don't delay! (Note: some Early-Bird locations will be announced soon - stay tuned!)

WS WGP 2019 Regional Application Instructions >

WGP Info Site >

Kantai Collection 5th Phase Booster Pack!

Jul 26 2019

With a swap-out Carrier class, tons of new abilities, and Characters that can attack from the Back Row (!) Kancolle brings its signature tech-y builds back to the WS Stage! Available this weekend from your favorite retailers above!

Kantai Collection Trial Deck Plus!

Jul 1 2019

Kancolle is back with a TD+! Fan favorites, refits of popular vessels, and brand-new Fleet Girls take the stage! Available from your favorie retailers!

Nanoha Detonation Booster Pack!

Jul 12 2019

With both cards to power up previous Nanoha sets, as well as amazing, brand-new builds, Detonation brings that high-action, high-damage Nanoha flair back to the WS stage! Pick yours up from your favorite retailer above today!

Sword Art Online Alicization
Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack!

Jun 21 2019

With brand-new amazing Fluctlight builds for new players, and great Avatar / Net tech for long-time Sword Art aficionados, Alicization has something for everyone! With great anti-compression lategame, solid board presence, and unique Events, Sword Art Online: Alicization Trial Decks+ and Boosters are available today from the retailers above!

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Hand-Signed PR
Present Campaign Now Open!

Jun 17 2019

You know those little coupons you got with your Boosters, like with Sneaker Bunko? Well, now you can turn them in to enter to win a hand-signed card! The coupons have to get to Japan by August 2, so be sure to work in the mailing time - good luck, everyone!

For details, click here!

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack!

Jun 7 2019

Another multi-set rocks the WS world! Date a Live, High School DxD, Is This A Zombie?, Full Metal Panic!, and tons more from the pages of Fantasia magazine take the stage with everything from anti-Character events to Power-doubling mechanics to replication to so much more! Available starting today from the above retailers!

Fujimi Fantasia - slight possible release delay

Jun 5 2019

Due to a slight manufacturing issue, the shipping of the Fantasia booster will be delayed approximately 1 day. This affects all retailers worldwide. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel Booster Pack!

May 24 2019

Anti-attack, Climax search, huge late-game Characters, and tons of Master/Servant combos make Heaven's Feel not only a welcome edition to the Fate line, but an excellent set to play on its own! Coming to your favorite stores over the next few days, be sure to check it out!

Fate Heaven's Feel - slight release date delay

May 15 2019

Due to a slight manufacturing issue, the shipping of the new Fate booster will be delayed approximately 4 days. This affects all retailers worldwide. UPDATE: The shipping delay ended up being 3 days, and all retailers have their product on their way to their location. Check with your locals for specific dates of availability.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack, available today!

May 10 2019

With an interesting early play mechanic, combat bounce shenanigans, a super strong all-heal, and a really high-risk high-reward timeloop that can give you an entire extra turn, Rascal brings a Booster and TD+ of solid play and beautiful cards to the WS stage! Available starting today from the above retailers!

Goblin Slayer Booster Pack Now Available!

Apr 19 2019

Incredible Shot mechanics, repeating Damage, Library manipulation, and tons more Attack shenanigans make Goblin Slayer unique and amazing! This high-action dark fantasy set is now available from the retailers above starting today!

Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Hand-Signed PR
Present Campaign Now Open!

Apr 11 2019

You know those little coupons you got with your Boosters? Well, now you can turn them in to enter to win a hand-signed card! The coupons have to get to Japan by May 10, so don't delay!

For details, click here!

Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
Booster Pack Now Available!

Apr 5 2019

Haruhi, Konosuba, and seventeen other titles combine into this all-out assault on the WS stage! Whether you are using the chain damage of Mental Choices, the strong board presence of Lodoss War, or the perfect attacks of Sister New Devil, this set has exactly what you are looking for! If that isn't all, the cards in this Booster can be used in the associated previous WS sets as well! Available from official retailers today!

Goblin Slayer & Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko TD+s
available today!

Mar 29 2019

Two great Trial Deck+ release today! First up is the brutal Goblin Slayer TD+, with high-Power Characters, anti-Encore and on-Reverse Damage options. Next is the multi-universe Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko TD+, with tons of different tech options spotlight the many series, from Haruhi to Konosuba, included in this one set. Both are available from official retailers starting today!

Bang Dream Girls Band Party Vol. 2
Booster Pack Now Available!

Mar 16 2019

Bang Dream returns to the Stage with this great new Booster! With tons of snowballing late-game "Fever!" finishers, amazing digging and search abilities, and tons of alt-art and shiny cards, this set is great for players and collectors alike! Available today from an official retailer near you!

Overlord Booster Pack Launch!

Feb 15 2019

The WS universe introduces the denizens of Nazarick with this amazing, complex set! With everything from countdown burn, anti-Marker, high-risk high-reward heals, multi-Character maniuplation, card naming shenanigans, and so much more! Available now from your official WS retailers!

Overlord Trial Deck+ Now Available!

Feb 1 2019

Ainz Ooal Gown and the inhabitants of the Great Tomb of Nazarick take the stage! In true over-the-top Ainz style, this Trial Deck Plus has tons of amazing effects, including an unbelievable Character wipe that completely transforms the late game! Pick yours up from a participating retailer today!

Idolmaster Million Live Booster Pack Launch!

Jan 25 2019

The ladies of Idolmaster return to the spotlight! With tons of new Abilities, powerful Events, and a subset of cards that can mix with the original Idolmasters, this set gives you tons of options to build the stage of your dreams! Available from retailers today!

Revue Starlight Booster Pack Now Available!

Dec 21 2018

Position Zero! Revue Starlight sets the stage and reaches for the top with a tri-color set of amazing and unique abilities! Scrying, anti-compression, multi-healing, Stock generation, cross-color Climax combos, early game, mid game, late game, and so much more! Also included are Starlight Rares, personally-signed with a print run of only 99 cards, one of the rarest ever produced! Get yours from the retailers above today! Wakarimasu!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Booster Pack Launch!

Dec 14 2018

Yuuna spooks the competition with this brand new set! Ability pilfering, multiple auto revivals, tons of disruption, and a high-risk high-reward triple draw make this set a scary one to play against! Pick up the ladies of Yuragi Inn at your preferred retailer today!

Triple Trial Deck+ release!
Poppin' Party, Million Live, and Yuuna!

Dec 7 2018

Three Trial Deck Pluses (Trial Decks Plus?) today! First up is Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, with high power, anti-damage (in a Trial!) and interesting disruption tech to take control of the Stage. Bang Dream gets another band deck with the Poppin' Party release, featuring an amazing dual-burn lategame that not only incorporates into other builds, but also works great on its own. Last but not least, the hybrid Idolmaster Million Live deck shines with snowballing board control and a super-strong bonding midgame. Pick up any one - or all three - of these decks from the retailers above starting today!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Booster Pack Launch!

Nov 23 2018

GGO launches into the fray! Library manipulation, tons of anti-Power, lots of great burn, powerful double-attack and anti-attack Events, and lots of other great tech make this the perfect set to catch your opponent off-guard! Pick it up at official WS retailers, starting today!

Congrats to Joon Oh, 2018 WS NA WGP Champion!

Nov 4 2018

Joon Oh wins back-to-back Nationals in North America! Stay tuned for decklists, interviews, and more! Thanks again for another amazing year from all the advisors, helpers, and players, from all of us at Heart of the Cards !

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